Outdoor Activities in Wales

Home to some of the fastest-flowing rivers, big beaches, awesome coastlines, craggy mountains, and many more interesting features, Wales is a perfect playground for anyone who loves outdoor activities. And while this article (unless it was a volume) cannot cover exhaustively all the outdoor activities that take place in Wales, it does touch on some of the most popular activities that have been defining the Welsh culture for many years.

Kiteboarding, surfing, swimming and, sunbathing’: Surrounded by bays and beaches, Wales is a readily available destination for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and kiteboarding, despite the fact that these bays and beaches get filled up sometimes, especially during the peak of the summer. Whether you want to take part in the activities yourself or want to be a spectator, you can visit places such as Anglesey, Llyn, the Pembrokeshire coast, and the Gower Peninsula.

Rugby: In Wales, rugby is a passion for many people, and it is one sport where the country excels even on big stages, such as the Rugby World Cup. From the 1970s when the Wales national team gained its glory status, the sport in the country is now a culture. Simply walk to any rugby field in the country and watch talents being displayed.

Mountain biking: Wales plays host to dozens of forests, which have been known to be perfect grounds for mountain biking. Here, you will see bikers hitting tracks every weekend, covering miles and miles, right from, say, Gwydyr Forest to Cwmcarn. What is more is that you can fit in the race, whether you are an experienced hard-core biker or a beginner. And, no one will ask you to pay for the tracks.

Rock climbing: Snowdonia, Wales is a fabulous destination for rock climbers, actually one of the best in Britain. And, you will also like the scrambling part of the adventure.