The Traditional Welsh Cottage

When you are taking a trip to Wales and staying in self-catering accommodation, chances are you will have considered one of the traditional cottages that are available to rent. These range in design from the Welsh longhouse to the small, terraced cottages initially built for miners and agricultural workers to live in. These can be found all over the country.

One of the things that you may notice about the cottages is that they have pretty small rooms, but this is simply the style of the house. Since they were first built, some have been extended to offer more rooms or features such as bigger kitchens, but the essence of the original design will still be there. The cottages will have modern facilities such as up to date bathrooms and kitchens. Still, you may find that some of them feature limestone plaster walls, as they would have done when they were first built, or they may have exposed beams in the downstairs rooms.

Take the Design Home

It is possible to give your own home the look of a Welsh cottage. Choosing the right wallpaper for walls and soft furnishings will be the first step. Woollen cushion covers and throws help create a cosy ambience and consider having a wood-burning stove installed. These throw out the heat will help keep most of your home warm and add to the cottage-like feel.

A good place in the home to create your own cottage look is in the kitchen. Wooden kitchen units are a good idea, but you can always paint your existing units to make them feel more authentic. Modern cottages opt for white units, but soft shades of blue and green are always popular too. Team these with matching accessories such as kettles and canisters that have a vintage-inspired design. Walls are generally neutral, with many Welsh cottage owners opting for white or cream paint and allowing their accessories to add any colour necessary.

It is worth looking at some of the holiday cottages that are available for rent in Wales for inspiration. Remember that cottages by the sea may have a different feel to them than homes that are based in the countryside. While you’re in Wales, why not take a look in one or two of the many antique shops to see if you can pick up some authentic Welsh furniture to add to your own home?