Seven Ideal Places to Go Walking in Wales

There’s so much to like, love, actually, about Wales. From its lovely coastline to its picturesque countryside and friendly people, the country is never short of something to offer. The people of Wales love to keep fit too; a reason why sports and outdoor activities are so popular around the country.


Besides football, other popular activities include rugby, hiking, cycling, and walking. That last one is especially popular since it is a low-pressure activity which anyone can enjoy. There are many hiking trails in Wales, and most of them are quite scenic. Here are seven of those that you should definitely put on your Adidas Shoes and try out.


Wales Coastline


This is one long path, extending over roughly 870 miles along the beautiful Welsh coastline. Of course, no one is going to walk it all in one go, but this circuit of paths ensures one can make endless walks without monotony.

Rhossili Bay

If you want to go back to the ice age, then Rhossili Bay is your path! It takes on a rugged landscape which is both challenging and fun to walk on. The rocky outcrops and caves make walking here more of an adventure trip.

Offa’s Dyke Path

On this trail, one is technically walking a thin line between England and Wales. It is a path which has shifted many times in history; there are some interesting tales attached to every era. There is a lot to see on the way, a good example being the exhibition that happens for free at Knighton.

Glamorgan Heritage Coast

This ‘hanging’ trail, known as such because of the ability for walkers to get to the very edge of a cliff, the Glamorgan is a great place for both social and introvert walkers. It can be a place of peace and quiet in the fall and a beehive in the summer.

Beautiful waves crashing under the cliffs make for some fascinating viewing.

Brecon Beacons

Another great place for sight lovers. While walking here, you get a picturesque sight of the Pen-y-Fan. Turn your head, and you have the Black Mountain to behold. Walk on, and you will be gifted with beautiful waterfalls with the soundtrack of the raging Swgd-yr-Eira.

Taf Estuary, Carmarthenshire

This is a great trail for book lovers and a lot of credit for its popularity goes to writer Dylan Thomas. It is an area of quiet and calm, but walkers also come here to pay homage to Dylan’s works. Catch a drink at Brown’s Hotel or get a peek of his home as you go by.

Llangollen Canal Path

This trail usually brings walkers to the Pontcysylite Aqueduct. The Aqueduct is a world heritage site, and anyone who pays a visit is bound to agree on its inclusion. Turning up here is the ultimate reward for a good walk!