When visiting Wales, whether it is your first or tenth trip, you will always be spoiled for scenery choices. Yes, there are many amazing places to visit in Wales, but the wondrous Snowdonia’s sheer beauty sets this part of the country apart. Blessed with more than 100 lakes, four mountain ranges, charming villages, and lovely valleys, Snowdonia is one place you must visit before you die. Here is why:

It Boasts a Rich History

Located in one of Wales’ primary medieval kingdom, the Gwynedd county, Snowdonia does not only have a rich history, but a history that occupies a prominent position in the history of the entire nation of Wales. Medieval castles and Roman sites are some of the remnants that define the varied history of Snowdonia. For instance, the place is home to Dolbadarn Castle, a historic picturesque fortification erected in the 13th century by Llywelyn the Great, the Welsh prince then. This monument was later painted by J.M.W Turner, a landscape art legend. Other iconic castles here include Conwy Castle and Harlech Castle.

Snowdonia Is Amazingly Beautiful

Mount Snowdon is perhaps one of the most important tourist attractions in Snowdonia. This is not just a mountain; rather, it is the tallest of its kind not just in Wales but in the entire England. Want to hike to the summit? You will need to spare about three hours to accomplish the mission, and the views are breathtaking. Hiking here is even more fun on a foggy day. You will not catch most views though.

Snowdonia Has Preserved the Welsh Culture: Language

Visit any shop in Snowdonia and chances are that the shopkeeper will ask you if you speak Welsh. Unlike in other parts of the United Kingdom (such as Scotland) where only a small percentage of the population speaks their native language, in Wales, and specifically Snowdonia, things are completely the opposite. As a matter of fact, more than half of the population in Gwynedd County, which is home to Snowdonia, speaks the native language. As a tourist, just be sure to keep Google handy so that you don’t mangle pronunciations of the names of places when looking for a bus ticket.

Snowdonia Is a Great Getaway

While visiting British cities is a great idea, it may come a time when you want to get out of hustle and bustle of the city and explore the country instead. Since Snowdonia can be accessed from the United Kingdom’s main hubs, the place is a great choice for weekend getaways. Travelling from UK’s capital to Edinburg, Manchester, or even Midlands? Making a stop in Snowdonia to enjoy the beauty of the place is something that may live in your memory for years to come.